David Weiss | Founder/CEO

Leveling the Playing Field for Common Investors

Powerful automatic trading, just like the big guys.

AI-driven trading without constant oversight.

Our games-driven interface lets you follow the best traders, compare your performance, and even steal their strategy.

Common retail traders have been at a disadvantage from large investment funds because they’ve lacked access to sophisticated auto-trading platforms. They often can’t devote full-time or constant attention to stock trading, and they’re left to their own emotions when making decisions. They lose money in the process.

Until now.

In 2019, David Weiss, recently graduated from UPenn and employed as a web app coder for a global financial services firm, began tinkering with algorithms in his spare time. His mission: to create his own automated trading bot and to see if it would perform better than Weiss could do manually. 

It worked. After a few months, Weiss executed his first automatic trade with his algorithm on stock trading app Robinhood.

By April 2020, with momentum on his idea building, and with the Covid-19 pandemic sending millions back home, Weiss left his full-time coding job and launched Ayrro. The mission: To level the playing field between Investment Brokers and the Common Investor giving anyone access to sophisticated auto-trading technology, in the palm of their hands.

Now available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play, try Ayrro today and see what everyone is talking about. 

Ayrro® is a Trademark of Weiss Capital, LLC