Ayrro 14 Day Giveaway

Who: Every verified user account on Ayrro is automatically entered into the giveaway.

What: This massive giveaway will reward the top traders on Ayrro each day for 14 days straight. Cash prizes will be given out daily to the top 6 traders: $20 for first place, $10 for second and third, $5 for fourth, fifth, & sixth. Your ranking will be defined by your overall profit on that day, and only that day. This means your profits won’t roll over and there can be new winners every day! It doesn’t matter if you trade with real money or simulated (paper) money. Stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, or a combination of the three are all valid trading assets in this competition. 

When: The competition begins Monday, August 9th and runs through Sunday, August 22nd.

Questions? Comments? Email us at support@ayrro.com

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